Tovek, a long-time IBM partner, is one of the few European trainers for analytical software such as Analyst's Notebook, iBase and iBridge (User as well as Designer).

Trainings are held in Prague in fully equipped training room or on-site upon request.


Closed Terms

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook   11.07.2017   -   14.07.2017

IBM i2 iBase User   07.08.2017   -   09.08.2017

IBM i2 iBase Designer   10.08.2017   -   11.08.2017

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook   12.09.2017   -   15.09.2017

IBM i2 iBridge User   05.10.2017

IBM i2 iBridge Designer   06.10.2017


Training Timetable

No more planned terms for this year.



In case of interest in other product trainings please contact us.